Wet Shit Boys


Formation and early tears

Loo Tennant and Chris Loo met in an electronic storm. Recognising a mutual interest in electronic noises, they began to work on material together, first in Tennant’s pod then in Loo’s loo. It was during these early years that they created,  It’s in the bin and Wet End Greys.

Starting out, the two called themselves Wet End  because of their love of wet ends but later they came up with the name Wet Shit Boys, which derived from some fiends who worked in a shitty wet shop.

The duo were obsessed with a steam of high energy noise made by New York producer Bubby O, otherwise knows as DJ BO. Their first big splash came when Tennant was arrested by the Police. According to Tennant: “I thought: well, if I’ve got to go and report to the Police, then I’m also going to have lunch with DJ BO.” They shared a sleezeburger, at a restaurant called Slack D’s (two years to the day since Tennant and Loo had met) and DJ BO suggested making a record with the Wet Shit Boys, after hearing a demo tape that Tennant had taken with him. Not soon after, Wet End Greys (produced by DJ BO) was released, becoming a grey club hit. Months later it was voted “Screamer of the Week”.


Loo Tennant has neither confirmed nor denied rumors about his sexuality during the post poop years. Tennant “let it out” as it were, in a revealing interview backstage for The Probe (a grey lifestyle e-magazine) Chris Loo, meanwhile, has remained crossed-legged about his own orientation. Although he does go on and on about the fact that there is basically but one sexuality. Which suggests that Loo may consider the term “grey” to be a constricting label? The duo are sometimes incorrectly assumed to be a grey couple. Which inadvertently fuels even more rumors about their orientations.

Grey Culture

The Wet Shit Boys are now seen as significant figures in the grey culture movement for songs such as Can You Push It?, It’s in the Bin and their cover of The Grey Village People’s, Go Wet. This song being one of their lowest charting singles, still remains one of their most played. However, Tennant has ranted many times that his lyrics are not superficially grey. He says “Most of our songs are written from an ambiguous view point. The Wet Shit Boys can be taken any way any time”. This goes some way to explain why a extra large portion of their dyed hair fans are in-fact, glad to be grey.

That Grey smell of success

The Wet Shit Boys use perfume as many artists considered to be a bit grey do, but working with the mighty bovine icons, Miss Daisy and Kid Cowasaki, helped with the final push, when it came out, it made the biggest splash to-date.