Oozing my religion


Has St.Ink gone over to the dark side?

It looks like it according to this exclusive paparazzi photo secretly snapped for the Probe. The Mothership thinks his dark mood is due to the sudden unconfirmed death of Andy A Hole, Inksville’s flatulently acclaimed poop artist and close friend of St.Ink.

“Its as if I’ve lost a brother, a twin. a dear expensive friend” he wailed. ‘The Gods will pay extra for this”

Has St.Ink really lost his mind or is he trying to scam the Gods?

A Brotherhood recruitment poster found outside the public toilets. 

Hanging round the toilets on another important Probe exposé that involves things that we can’t print or even talk about. We found this poster pinned up outside. Probing inside the lavatories we found that all the toilet rolls had been replaced with this flyer advertising St.Ink’s new book.



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