Hallelujah, praise the Lard


In the name of the Farthest, the Soonest and the Only Sauce. Ink ink.


The Lard moves in mysterious ways

The Probe can confirm that St.Ink is out of his dank crypt and preaching forgiveness. He wants everybody to forgive him, again!!

“I saw the light”. He said when the church roof collapsed. “Then I heard from above that my wealthy friend Andy A Hole was alive. Hallelujah I screamed, as I clambered over the rubble to the street above. At that moment, I reached out for the Lard with both hands while anointing myself with the Only Sauce. Inkstantly my dank days passed over and I swore, from this day forth, that it’s the land of milk and money for me, now and forever. Ink ink”.

May the Lard be with you


Milking Time

A Midnight Mass will take place around the remains of the Church of St.Ink. Now renamed as, ‘The Little Swollen Primordial Mound of St.Ink’. St.Ink prophesied that collection plates will be passed round at the mass. He also said, “Anybody with anything to give is welcome”.

sing along


The Hells Aliens Ride Out

Even before the dust had settled from the collapsing church. All but one of the Hells Aliens had made a bigger dust cloud behind them, as they hoofed it over to Slack D’s, the fastest food restaurant in Inksville. The leader of the gang, named as, ‘Mr Hardly Dangerous’. Was left behind, buried under the dust and rubble. When interviewed at Slack D’s by The Probe, about rescuing Mr Dangerous. The gang as one, fell off their bovines laughing in hysterics. Slapping the cows and each others behinds, one of them stopped, looked very serious and replied in a drunken slur, “They sell condensed milk Slack Do’s do don’t you know, you looking at my cow?”. Then a fight started between the Hells Aliens and their slapped maddened cows. The mad cows won.



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