Grey Chevara

Grey Chevara, commonly known as El Grey or simply The Grey.

El Grey was a pathetic writer, composing the acclaimed memoir about the “Cowasaki Motorcycle Journeys” along with a seminal manual on the theory and practice of the Gorilla Welfare System.

Grey Chevara soon rose to prominence among the gorillas and was promoted to Com-andante, and played a pivotal role in the successful Planet of the Apes World Tour theater campaign.

Grey Chevara’s cowasaki motorcycle journeys across America was transformed by the domestic bovine’s he befriended . His illegal experiments and observations during these field trips led Grey to conclude that the world needs…

A New World Ordure

Grey Chevara has been venerated in mass media using youtube, fliers, facebook, posters, blogs, essays, shadow glove puppets, documentaries, limericks, etc…

Paradoxically and in contradiction with Grey’s ideology, Grey’s visage was reconstituted as a global marketing emblem and insignia by Alien Ink Inc.

The Probe e-magazine named Grey, one of the 100 most influential entities of the 20th century. While an Alien Jones photograph of Grey entitled “Heroic Gorilla” (shown), was declared “the most famous photograph in the world”.