Dr.Ink began life as a grey pharmacologist, working at The Old Mothership Corner Drugstore. Serving chilled drinks from his homemade golden fountain. Dr.Ink invented lots of fizzy recipes, all to no avail. Until the day of his first repeat customer, who looked a lot like his own twin brother, ordered his second fizzy, milky ink drink by asking Dr.Ink to “shoot me another cow.”

Dr.Ink, finally had his milky secret, the first fizzy, milky ink drink that was also safe to drink. The rest is history.

As demand grew, Dr.Ink and the Mothership had no trouble manufacturing more than enough “Dr.Ink” for their rapidly expanding customers. Alienink.net exposed Dr.Ink and his carbondated ink drink to ordinary people attending the first Inksville Worlds Fair Exposition.

That same world’s fair introduced the Madcow Burger, Hairier 51 spray on hair and Flush Gordon, the worlds strongest smelling bleach, onto the unsuspecting public.

Only surviving photo of Why@burp and Dr.Ink together at the Worlds Fair

In a previous Probe, Why@Burp had this to say about Dr.Ink “Besides keeping the alligators at bay with his special gas. There was something very peculiar about the way Dr.Ink waddled. He was a gangling man, a good mentalist, a friendly critter and yet, outside of us boys, I don’t think he had a friend in all of Inksville. Tales were told that he had manhandled things in different parts of the galaxy, that he had donned robes and committed all manner of mistakes and yet, when persons were asked how they knew it, they could only admit it was hearsay, and that nothing could really be traced back to Dr.Ink and his drinking problem. He was a slender, stickily fellow, but whenever help was needed, Doc was the first to saddle up a trusty bovine and report for duty.” Why@Burp is also quoted as saying: “I found him a loyal friend and good at keeping secrets.”

Dr.Ink promotes responsible drinking